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toothache issue 02

Toothache issue 02 is now available for pre-order and will be released in early December. Our first issue sold out within a few weeks of being released, so make sure you get your copy of issue 2 now to guarantee you don't miss out. This issue features a ton of great chefs, both savory and pastry. The second issue visits Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Portland, New York and San Francisco. Toothache is a magazine made completely by chefs, for chefs. Issue 02 includes stories and recipes from 14 award-winning chefs: Kim Alter (Nightbird), Stephen Beaumier (White Label Chocolate), Daniel Calvert (Belon), Brett Cooper (Aster), Bao La (Le Garcon Saigon), Andrés Lara (Cacao Barry), Zen Ong (E.P. & L.P.), Stephanie Prida (The Pool), Ramon Perez (Puur Chocolat), Geovanna Salas (Castagna), Louis Tikaram (E.P. & L.P.), César Vega (Mars Inc.), Justin Woodward (Castagna), and Jowett Yu (Ho Lee Fook).  


A LOOK INSIDE issue 01


Do chefs really need another culinary magazine? clearly, yes. 

We are a small self-published magazine, and we have been fortunate to feature some amazing chefs. This magazine was conceived after dinner services with industry friends, primarily during last call at dive bars. Often times, food media is produced by people who do not live and breath kitchen life. Usually, it’s comprised of lengthy articles, a few pictures and a recipe in cups and tablespoons. Which makes sense, because they’re generally not writing for us, but instead writing for home cooks or “foodies”. This magazine’s goal, however, is to give ourselves a little bit of the media power back; to produce a magazine that a chef or cook would actually want to read. We essentially made this a collaborative project and gave chefs blank pages in a magazine. We then let them add whatever images, recipes, and writing that they wanted. We have no real editors. There are no writers. No graphic designers or advertisement sales people. This is a magazine for chefs, by chefs. We hope you enjoy it.